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Project Description

Projektbeschreibung auf Deutsch: Projektübersicht

Prof. Turtur worked out the physical basis for generating energy out of the vacuum. This is commonly referred to as Zero Point Energy (ZPE). As proof of his theory he created an experiment.

Based on his experiment Prof. Turtur theoretically developed a ZPE that is about the size of a drilling machine and provides 1kW of energy. He also developed a Pascal program to simulate and analyze this converter.

This project provides a .NET / C# port of his program and adds a graphical user interface. My intention is make it even easier for hardware savvy people to use the simulator and eventually create a working machine that generates energy out of the vacuum.

About the program
The program uses C# with the .Net framework 4.0. The user interface is written using WPF. Currently the application's language is German, as the original code was german. I plan to translate the texts in the future.

  1. Complete configuration of the simulation in the user interface
  2. Configurable charts to easily see the important parameters and how they change over time
  3. Simple turbo coil visualisation
  4. Support for cancelling the simulation run
  5. Load and save support

Planned enhancements
  1. Batch simulation of different sets of parameters to use the power of multi-core computers

  1. Prof. Turturs homepage. Here you can find the description of his theory and experiment (english)
  2. Prof. Turturs homepage in German
  3. Link to a video that show his experiment
  4. Link to a presentation where he describes the physical background of zero point energy conversion and how he got the idea (German)
  5. Direkt link to his pascal DFEM simulation program

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